YEAR ZERO (Colony Theater)

dir: David Rose; scenic: David Potts; lighting: Luke Moyer

Vuthy Vichea is sixteen years old, Cambodian American. He is a weird kid in a place where weirdness can be fatal: Long Beach, California in 2003. And since his best friend moved and his mother died, the only person he can talk to is a human skull he keeps hidden in a cookie jar. Year Zero is a comedic drama about about reincarnation, reinvention, and ultimately, redemption.

"The costumes by Anthony Tran captured 2003 and the characters very well: Glenn had a more upscale look; Vuthy had the typical D&D style T-shirts; Han was more menacing in gang-ish attire and tattoos; and Ra was a typical college girl."  (Daniel Faigin, Observations Along the Road)

" Anthony Tran’s perfectly chosen costumes complete the design package." (Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA)